Free Range Cider

In today’s world of the overly processed and the mass-produced, Addlestones is different.

This is cider as it is, never filtered, for a lightly cloudy finish and real apple taste.

Made from 100% West Country cider apples, it has a gentle sparkle (the bubbles are much smaller than those you get with artificial carbonation) and a bright, golden hue.

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Free Range Thinkers

Our workers are never penned in to one way of doing things. Take Bob Chaplin, our Master Cider Maker. Bob is always exploring and experimenting.

“Back in 1986 I wanted to see if I could create a premium cloudy cider, something that wasn’t around at the time,” says Bob.

It was Bob’s innovative approach to cider-making that led him to create this unfiltered, twice fermented craft cider.

“Part of the magic of Addlestones is that every batch, every keg is slightly different. It’s transferred into the keg after the second fermentation, so it’s still evolving and maturing right up to the moment it’s poured.”

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